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Recruiting Best Practices

Protection of Privacy Statement


Quality Assurance Commitment

What do quality respondents mean to your project? They mean everything.  Without reliable, qualified respondents, your data is all but worthless.  What if you had the right respondents at your finger tips?   When working with INOWE Canada Marketing inc., that’s exactly what you receive.  We take pride in the national respondent database we’ve built managed, constantly update and continually refined.

During the recruiting process we obtain detailed personal information allowing us to recruit very specific demographics.
We continuously monitor the recruitment history of everyone in our database, weeding out the “professional respondents,” dishonest people, and those people who simply do not respond well in a focus group setting.  As a rule, we submit all recruited participants' name and telephone numbers to the MRIA's (Market Research Intelligence Association) Qualitative Research Registry, that tracks participant's attendance status.  This means that not only are we able to find the right people who fit your screening criteria. We also solicit client feedback to improve respondent quality and eliminate all respondents who don’t respond well in an interview or group setting.

In fact, with quality as our baseline, we’re proud to say that our database is extremely diverse, so we can not only deliver on the most specific requests, but also those emerging multicultural consumers that are so important to today’s business needs.

Client Lists
We view our database as a highly-valued asset. Our clients feel the same way about their customer lists. When they trust us to utilize their client list to conduct research on their behalf, we take great care to make sure that the list is kept confidential and safe. With strict security measures in place, we guard this asset as if it were our own. The care we take in everything we do, is why our clients remain loyal, coming back to us time and time again.

Quality assurance is something we take very seriously at INOWE Canada Marketing inc.. We’ve invested in the proper tools, team and technology to provide quality assurance measures that give our clients confidence we’re providing them data that is accurate and trustworthy. Our commitment:

A minimum of 15% of all interviews are validated (highest in the industry) to help maintain data quality and integrity.We include a system of regular checks on various data elements to ensure quality data.

Interviewing Quality Assurance Measures

We are confident in our team’s capabilities, but we want to make sure you’re comfortable as well. To add another layer of trust and security to the process, each telephone study goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that you’ll be getting results that are accurate and valid. The following list represents some of the measures taken to ensure the best results possible:


A comprehensive, detailed and demanding training process to ensure only the best fill a position of data collector.
Extensive initial orientation, followed by continuous training and review.
Continual review and updating of the training process.

Validation of all interviews.
Multicultural studies have full-time QA supervisors, who are fluent in their native language and also English.
We have aggressively invested in systems and processes to ensure that data is accurate, safe and secure.